Smart Construction Seminar Introduces New Paradigm in Global Construction Industry with AI-Integrated Smart Construction & Concrete Technology

‘2024 Global AI Construction Safety and Concrete Seminar’ will be hosted on Wednesday, October 16. The event will be held in conjunction with 2024 Asia Concrete Expo and Korea Construction & Industrial Safety Expo (K-ConSafety Expo) at KINTEX Exhibition Center 1. It will be co-hosted by Smart Construction Confluence Association, KINTEX, and Korea Construction News Paper.

Additionally, the awards ceremony for the ‘1st Smart Technology Video Contest’ will take place during the seminar, offering attendees a variety of events to enjoy.

From October 16 (Wed) to 18 (Fri), KINTEX Exhibition Center 1 will simultaneously host five exhibitions:

● Asia Concrete Expo & Smart Modular Construction OSC Expo
● Korea International Construction & Industrial Safety Expo (K-ConSafety Expo)
● Tool Tech+Smart Welding Automation Fair
● Korea Auto Industry & Global TransporTech Show
● Korea Metal Week

Seongmin Jo, the second president of the Smart Construction Confluence Association, stated, “Smart safety technology comprises a major part of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport’s ambitious R&D project, promoting the development of smart construction technology. This seminar is highly anticipated as it will feature presentations from leading companies and experts in digital-based construction site safety technology.

He added, “We also appreciate the outstanding submissions to the Smart Construction Video Awards. We hope these videos will enhance the overall understanding and practical use of smart construction.”

2024 Global AI Construction Safety and Concrete Seminar will commence with the first session, ‘1st Smart Technology Video Contest Awards’ at 1 p.m. The awards to be presented are as follows:

● Seoul Mayor’s Awards (Individual / Group)
● Korea Expressway Corporation Center for Smart Construction Technology Director’s Awards (Individual / Group)
● LH Smart Construction Office Director’s Award
● KINTEX President’s Award
● Korea Institute of Building Construction Chairman’s Award
● Smart + Interior Forum Award
● Smart Construction Korea YouTube Awards (Grand Prize, Gold Prize, Silver Prize)

(About hundred clips introducing smart technologies are now on ‘Smart Construction Korea(’ YouTube channel)

The second session, ‘Smart Construction Seminar,’ starts with the opening address of Seongmin Jo, the second president of the Smart Construction Confluence Association and the complimentary address of JeongsukPark, the secretary general of World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGo).

The topics and the presenters for the session 2-1, ‘Smart Technologies Utilizing AI’ are as follows:

● Paradigm Shift in Smart Safety Management Systems ( by Chun sang Kim, CEO of HULAN)
● Smart Safety Control for Construction Site Safety Management Based on BIM (by Yonghee Kim, CEO of THEVOO Engineering)
● AI Video Analysis Service for Construction Site Accident Prevention Using Synthetic Data ( by Hyeonjoo Kim, CEO of Another Real)
● Generative AI Construction GPT and Quality Safety Management ( by Youngtae Kim, CEO of DOAZ)
● Real-Time Facility Risk Management Solution Using ‘Meerkat’ AIoT Intelligent Sensors ( by IngeunJeong, CEO of KCTENCE)
● Dynamic Risk Prediction Solution (S100) Utilizing AI ( by Jeongwoo Lee, CEO of GSIL)
● The Real-World Integration of 4D BIM and Control Platform-Based Smart Safety Technology ( by Jindae Son, Assistant Manager of Korea Expressway Corporation, Center for Smart Construction Technology, Smart Infrastructure Team)

In the session 2-2, ‘The Global Cutting-Edge Concrete Production and Construction,’ a variety of overseas companies will be participating in the presentations. The presentations will cover a variety of agenda as follows:

● Progress Group

(1) Improve of productivity by the overwholefactory automation.

(2) The future of OCS by precast concrete through the double wall +  HCS

(by Hoffmann Robert, Vervloet Mallory)

● Kraft Curing Systems

(1) Concrete Curing technology to consider the CO2 emission & cost saving

(2) Vapor Generator, Quarix & CO2 observing

(by Mark A Kraft)

● BHS Sonthofen

(1) Concrete mixing technology for cement savings

(2) Twin Shaft Mixers & materials recycling

(by Parnitzke Philipp)

● Carbon-Neutral Building Certification Review System and Low-Carbon Technology Certification (by Seongho Tae, Head of the Sustainable Smart Convergence Educational Research Center)
● AI-Based Construction Safety Monitoring for Retaining Walls (by Taehui Lee, Manager of LOTTE Engineering & Construction)

Special Session 3 will feature an official networking party hosted by K-ConSafety Expo and Asia ConcreteExpo. This event will be attended by over 200 participants, including leaders from 40 global companies, 40 buyers, major exhibitors, and members of Smart Construction Confluence Association, offering an outstanding opportunity to meet industry opinion leaders. The Racoon Jazz Band (led by Youngmin Kim)and musical performance teams will perform, fulfilling the global party atmosphere with jazz, rock, and ballads.

​2024 Global AI Construction Safety and Concrete Seminar is sponsored by various organizations including the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Public Procurement Service, Korea Expressway Corporation Smart Construction Division, National Railroad Corporation, Korea Land and Housing Corporation, Korean Institute of Construction Engineering and Management, Sustainable Smart City Research Center, Korea Construction Association, Korea Mechanical Contractors Association, Korea AI Smart Home Industry Association, Korea Remodeling Association, Korean Institute of Architects, KNX Korea Association, and Smart Interior Forum.

​K-ConSafety Expo, concurrently held with the seminar, focuses on promoting smart safety technologies in construction and workplaces to prevent accidents and reduce damages. Over 150 companies with advanced safety technologies are expected to participate. Asia Concrete Expo aims to promote the latest concrete production, construction technologies, and products, featuring participation from over 100 companies from countries such as Germany, Italy, and China. The event is expected to create a synergy effect as it will be held concurrently with Smart Modular Construction Expo (OSC).

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